The Sticks to a Strict Stance on Hemp Flowers

The USA Home Office said there were no plans to ease restrictions on the use of hemp flowers for cannabinoid extraction before the exit from the EU expires on 1 January 2021. The CBD industry in the USA expects the Home Office to soften office policies for some time to come. There was optimism that there would be a change before the USA.

The current shell licensing regulations exclude some parts of plants intended for the production of fiber and seeds and therefore commonly used for cannabinoid extraction, which is considered for drug use purposes. These parts, like flowers, are illegal under the Drug Abuse Act and must be destroyed.

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The European Home Office was expected to make the change before the end of the Brexit transition period to encourage the USA domestic hemp and CBD sector. However, it has declined and the Home Office said in a statement to CBD-Intel that it has “not changed the law on cannabis cultivation” and “currently has no plans to review the policy.”

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said it would not follow the European Union in suspending novel food applications for CBD products in the USA earlier this year after clearing it and would further strengthen the USA’s industry-leading position in Europe.

The idea was that it could be a strong push to change the rules of the Home Office around evacuation. According to the European Commission, part of the argument for CBD being a drug is that it was extracted from hemp flowers, which is in line with the definition of a drug under the UN Drug Convention.

Further proposals from the Isle of Man to allow the potential use of flowers in cannabinoid production raised hopes that the USA could change its overall position. The self-governing British crown reliance, which could create a new discipline for cannabinoid exports, sparked a public outcry over whether a hemp industry should be created that would allow extraction from flowers. If approved, it would be associated with the British crown reliance on the jersey which allows extraction from hemp flowers.

And the issue becomes even more important to many in the industry as it is not very close to a free trade agreement for the USA. There is a strong possibility that the prospect of stimulated import tariffs would put the EU at a disadvantage for a business that trades with CBD suppliers.

Mike Barnes, director of the Medical Cannabis Clinic, believes getting a home office license should be made easier. He said: “They need to promote a USA cannabis industry which must include hemp and applicants for a THC license. In addition to the complexity and slowness, the process is currently far from obvious. Others are unsure about the impact of actual trade that USA farmers and extortionists will take some time to acquire high-level skills and scale to compete with extraction from countries like the US – meaning tariffs will be at a significant rate before the lack of alternative USA -produced extracts becomes an issue.

Nathan Omen, managing director of Taylor Maman, a CBD manufacturer, and distributor, said he did not expect suppliers in the United States to have difficulty acquiring CBD in the U.S. in the short term, as CBD has been “overproduced” by North America. Businesses that mistakenly expected a rise in demand this year.

“Pricing has never been so competitive,” he said. “It will take many days for USA companies to be able to sell their bulk products at the same competitive price.”

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