How to Fix a Burned Out Headlight

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment, we recover how to fix a burned-out headlight. Whether you’ve got the newer style light bulb assembly, they use the actual light bulbs or the oldest style they used to fix headlight assembly. You can’t actually repair a burned-out light bulb once the filament inside, whether it be a bull or the big um, cartridge type of headlight assembly. Once the filament inside is burned out, that’s sealed in a gas environment and it cannot be replaced or repaired. The only fix is replaceable or replace the headlight assembly in or replace a bulb.

For example, if you come to the back of the light, once you’ve determined what lights burnout to remove the bulb, first come down, you’ll find the socket itself. There’ll be an electrical connector. There should be a release on it that you can push and release the connector. And on the outer ring, there should be housing. And if you just slip, turn that ring counterclockwise, that’ll release the latches on the headlight and allow you to remove the bolt. Like, so when replace a bulb, you want to make sure you don’t touch the bulb itself with your fingers, the new bulb because oil from your fingers can hear to the bulb and cause the bulb to burn out prematurely and to replace a new bulb does use the same procedures. Removing the old one. Just slide to new bulb into position.

Then screw down the latching ring tight-knit clockwise. That will lock the ball back in its position. Then reinstall the electrical connector. Now, most lights have two bulbs in. I’m a high and low beam or daylight, a driving light in a standard headlight assembly, and the other style bulbs or headlight cartridges assemblies. You could have two bulb system with a high and low beam or a single dual Elma type headlight. And those of our move just by removing the whole light assembly itself, usually held in by three or four retaining screws on a Bezel ring in the front of the headlight. So you can’t repair a burnout headlight, but you can’t replace a bowl or headlight assembly itself.